Pumpkin or Not-a-Pumpkin?

Determine which items are pumpkins and which items are not pumpkins in order to make a pumpkin pie!

Golf - Card Game

Play the classic card game, Golf, against multiple opponents

Raptor Rampage

Collect eggs in your jumping journey as a rapacious raptor!

Ketchup Master

Destroy evil mustard bottles with your handy ketchup squirter and bombs while avoiding mayo storms and barbecue bombs.

The Red Menace

Defend your anthill from the red ants, slugs, spiders, and bees!

Tricks and Treats

Gobble up all the delicious Halloween candy you can!

Winds of Change

Imagine a world. Now imagine this world changing around you. The limitations of an enclosed box expand as you warp its contents; so use the winds of change to your advantage, and explore the world that never moves.


Search for words as your puzzle flips and spins!


Collect the diamonds without hitting any mines!


Type the shown words as fast as you can!

Color Collector

Move your mouse and your spinning color collectors to get as many circles as you can! But be careful, if you touch nonmatching colors, it's all over.

Disc Launcher

Click and drag the disc to throw it!

Pixel Arcade

Play a variety of classic-styled games in the Pixel Arcade! Bounce Brick Break Worm Food Space Hunt Seeing Stars

Polygon Invasion

The evil Polygons are invading CircleWorld, click to shoot and keep them away!


Click the colored blocks in pairs by color to clear the board as fast as you can!


Click on green blocks but avoid red blocks to see how fast you can clear the grid!

Savory Storm

Click on the falling food to protect the town from this savory storm!